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The Needs of the Legal Sector

The Needs of the Legal Sector: Persistent and relentless pursuit by bodies and human rights organizations to reinforce their efforts in order to restore the rights of Rohingya and mainly the usurped citizenship right. Supporting all human rights activities in the field of human rights in Burma and providing all kinds of support for jurists working in this field. Suing the Government of Myanmar in the intern ...

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Objectives of the Legal Sector

Monitoring and detecting violations and crimes against Rohingya people. Calling the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)  [which participated in all sessions of the Human Rights Council in Geneva  on  10.06.2013] to exert pressure on the Myanmar government to stop the murder, extermination and persecution practised daily against Rohingya minority. To work on restoring the usurped rights: (citizenship ...

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Global Rohingya Center 2015

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