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Global Rohingya Center President visits Parliament House

A delegation of Global Rohingya Center (GRC), led by its president Abdullah Maroof witnessed the Senate session on 11 june 2015 and met the Leader of the House Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq. The members of the delegation expressed their gratitude to the Pakistani leadership for not only passing a unanimous resolution against the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma but also for involving the whole nation in t ...

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GRC envoy keep talks with UNHCR official

Global Rohingya Center senior member Engineer Mohammad Yunus talked with the UNCHR deputy director for Asia and Pacific Miss Josefa Ojano regarding Rohingya people's struggle to survive as being persecuted and also being targeted by Human traffickers. During the conversation they went into details regarding the Rohingya refugees stranded in the coast of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Some claims that UNH ...

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Ethnic cleansing and violence against Rohingya and Muslim population in Burma stated in the ceremony

Global Rohingya Center - GRC March 3 ·   Ethnic cleansing and violence against Rohingya and Muslim population in Burma stated in the ceremony ---------------------------------- Secretary of State John Kerry administered the swearing ceremony of Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom, David Saperstein, in Washington. Washington, D.C. The Government of United States has appointed David S ...

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GRC delegation to visit EU headquarters in Geneva

Delegation visited by Global Rohingya Center (GRC) on the sidelines of the twenty-seventh session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Director of the Foreign Policy of the European Union, Dr Christan Bhill Man and the Special Rapporteur for Myanmar from the European Union Esther Neamt at the headquarters of the Union, was during the visit, which lasted for more than an hour to discuss human rights violat ...

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Rohingya delegation will meet the President of the human rights mission to the European Union in Geneva

Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) and Global Rohingya Center (GRC) have sent their joint delegation to the twenty-seventh session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the UN titled: "Universal Periodic Review of human rights"; Rohingya delegation met the President of the Mission legal standing of the European Union at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Ms. Christina Cookie Nnakis Office of the mission inside t ...

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The Needs of the Political Process

The Needs of the Political Process: Intensifying the claims for the internationalization of the Muslim Rohingya issue and to work on the engagement of the countries of the world in supporting the oppressed Rohingyas. Exerting international pressure on the Myanmar government to end the bloodshed and restrain the aggressive acts of the Buddhism terrorist gangs . To include the Rohingya people issue within the ...

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Objectives of the Political Sector

 To emphasize through official papers and historical documents that the Rohingya ethnicity is a genuine fabric of the Myanmar society in Arakan. To promote cooperation between all Rohingya organizations, and to consolidate their efforts within the umbrella of (ARU) under the auspices of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). To work on keeping the issue of Rohingya vivid in the discussions of the in ...

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Brief Description for Political Sector

Through this sector the (ARU) seeks to internationalize the issue of the Rohingya people, and to make efforts for the adoption of their cause by international community and to ensure that this issue will be among the community priorities in international forums. The (GRC) also seeks to mobilize the world support the cause, and to exert pressure on the Myanmar government to hold its responsibilities towards ...

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Global Rohingya Center 2015

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